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New Site Santa Claus Audiovisual

New Site Santa Claus Audiovisual

New Site Santa Claus Audiovisual


Santa Claus Audiovisual it´s a recognized company in the Portuguese market for dubbing, subtitling, translation and audio production. Santa Claus Audiovisual launched its new site available at

On this site you can get information about services provided by the company as well as access to the catalog of voices where you quickly and practice can meet and select the best Portuguese voices for cartoons, documentaries and advertising.

The site is available in Portuguese, Spanish and English and allows also see a photo gallery of the company's premises, located in the heart of Cascais. Founded in 1998, the Santa Claus Audiovisual's main activity is the dubbing of films, documentary and animated series for television and multimedia format, subtitling, translation, audio production for advertising, music recording and soundtracks.

We have three audio studios and a room for subtitling, effective equipment and incorporates the possibility of communication for any studio in the world by sending / receiving audio online via ISDN (APT). Santa Claus Audiovisual works with TV channels, national and international companies and advertising agencies of repute and bet on the most efficient technical and human resources.

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